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Exceptional opportunity to watch for free the new Susan Griffith Jones’ movie ‘Vison of Bosnia’.

Having completed the post-production of 'Visions of Bosnia' in May 2020, Susan decided to wait until she could return to Bosnia to launch it there during the summer festivals at Ravne Park 2021.

Due to the continuing worldwide situation and since she herself lives in India, from where travel to every country on Earth these days has been prohibited, Susan has decided to launch the movie via friends and connections online during May 2021. A short synopsis follows, but for more information about how the movie was made and for pictures and links, please visit https://www.pyramidkey.com/visions-of...

Susan met Sam Osmanagich, discoverer of the Bosnian pyramids at a conference at Pyramid Valley near Bangalore, India in 2016. After seeing Susan’s film, ‘Circle of Immortality’ (Nepal 2008)) - (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLfXP...), Sam invited her to come to Bosnia to make a “movie like that” there. It proved to be a ‘switching tracks’ moment for Susan’s work on a number of levels, as everything about the Pyramid complex in the Visoko Valley of Bosnia and the avant-garde people that she met there who are thinking way outside of the box, would not only challenge her to embrace the multi-dimensional vision required to do justice to Sam’s request, but also take her into a world of advanced scientific knowledge.

After visiting the Visoko Valley of the Bosnian Pyramids for 3 consecutive years (2017, 2018 and 2019), Susan created two large Photo Collage Art pictures (https://www.pyramidkey.com/photo-coll...) that held the symbols, sequences and time specifications she would need to build her Bosnian film, section by section. ‘Diamond Lens, Doorway to Infinity’ (https://www.pyramidkey.com/diamond-le...) is the central golden circle that expresses the inner workings of ‘Crystal of Time’ (https://www.pyramidkey.com/crystal-of...) and comprise the first two pictures of Series II of Susan’s Photo Collage Art pieces.

Having been created through careful examination of various multi-dimensional facets of the Bosnian Pyramid Complex site and synchronistic occurrences during the same time period, these two pictures were embedded into the structure of the film, ‘Visions of Bosnia’, and could thus actually perform the function of emanating to the viewer what visitors to the pyramids, tumuli, underground tunnels, Ravne Park et environs, both see, understand and feel when they visit this extraordinary place, which was Susan’s intention in the beginning.


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