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Across the Balkans: Bosnia Pyramids | Rovinj the most visited city in Croatia

Bosnia believes it is home to the largest man-made pyramids in the world. The man who claims to have discovered them is entrepreneur Semir Osmanagic. He's been advancing his theory based on several excavations over the past 15 years. He says the structures were built 34 thousand years ago by an ancient community in the Balkans. However, many people are not convinced. Geologists say the hills are just natural formations. But skepticism hasn't stopped the site from becoming a major tourist attraction with thousands of visitors each year including high-profile stars like Serbian tennis champion Novak Djokovic. Some even believe the tunnels beneath the pyramids have a supernatural effect on people. Aksel Zaimovic went to find out for himself. Plus, this week, Across the Balkans visited the town of Rovinj. It has seen more visitors each day this month than before the COVID-19 pandemic, becoming the most visited place in Croatia. It has overtaken more well-known tourist destinations like Dubrovnik, Split and Zagreb. Why? Well, it's got a few things working in its favour. It's close to the Italian and Slovenian borders, it's on the UK's green list and it seems to have found a way of doing tourism sustainably. But those facts are no substitute for just experiencing the place itself. Mirna Brekalo is there to find out how Rovinj has made itself more appealing than the rest of Croatia. Across The Balkans, hosted by Nafisa Latic, is TRT World’s programme that focuses specifically on the issues and fault lines shaping Southeast Europe today.

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