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Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko – 16 Years without significant Help from the State

The only international tourist attraction, the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids in Visoko, has been living for 16 years without significant help from the state. Still, it brings back a lot – the promotion of the country around the world, the employment of people, as well as the spiritual satisfaction of all its visitors.

The value of the Bosnian Valley of Pyramids is best witnessed by numerous tourists, mostly foreigners returning there. German Gerold is one of them, for whom this is his 22nd stay in Visoko,and he also took his friends: ”The most fascinating thing for all Germans is energy. Mostly because everyone heard about it and something in their heart told them they had to come and feel this, see what is characteristic for the pyramids and these structures that were built a long time ago.”

Radio Belgrade journalist Dijana Ivanovic was also present in Visoko: ”I came here both privately and officially. I came with a group of 10 friends from Belgrade, and I officially came to make a documentary about this area here, especially the tunnels, because it is somehow the most specific proof of the functioning of this positive space in general.”

The importance of such a project for the community is best evidenced by the testimonies of about 40 people who have opened restaurants, souvenir shops, and herbal shops here. They themselves participated as volunteers in numerous projects for the construction of the Valley.

“Everyone who comes tells us – you Bosnians don’t even know what you have. Well, it’s probably true because we are used to something like these energies and I would say that to anyone who didn’t come – let him come, let him feel that energy, ” told souvenir seller Esef Fatic.

By September this year, the Valley of Pyramids is marking a record attendance – 110.000 tourists and the season lasts until the end of the year. New tourist groups have already announced their arrival. The Foundation has done its job, the rest is up to the state institutions, said the director of the Foundation Semir Osmanagic: ” It is the most important and difficult thing to attract the guests. That is what we do it, we do it with our attractions, we do it with our marketing and other activities so they would have to come and say, here, 15-16 years have passed, we failed the exam, but let’s see what we can do ”.

In addition to the Pyramid of the Sun and the Moon, and fascinating underground tunnels, Park Ravne 2 is itself a uniquetourist attraction, and it covers 100.000 square meters of the area once covered by illegal landfills, Federalna writes.

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