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Dr. Jerry Tennant: Viruses & Voltage

Dr. Jerry Tennant explains how voltage keeps viruses at bay.

Cells are designed to run at -25 mv of electron "donor". If the cell gets worn out or injured, then you need -50 mv to make a new one. The body has several different battery systems to provide the voltage necessary for the cells to function, to repair themselves, and also to help protect themselves from various infectious diseases.

It is important to understand that the "pH" of a cell or the "millivolts (mv)" of a cell are synonymous, so Dr. Tennant feels it is easier to talk in millivolts, rather than try to get your head around talking in pH numbers.

The next thing to understand, is that voltage is necessary to transfer and hold oxygen in a cell. If you take a straw and bubble oxygen into a glass of water, the amount of oxygen that will dissolve is dictated primarily by the voltage. The higher the voltage, the more oxygen goes into solution. If you lower the voltage, oxygen comes out of solution. Our cells are 90% water, so if you lose voltage in your cell, the oxygen is going to go away.

When oxygen drops, people often experience pain. Another thing that happens is that the efficiency of the cell drops. As oxygen and voltage drop more and more, various infections organisms come into play. Of the volumes of infectious organisms that exist inside and outside the body, a great majority only function when oxygen levels are low...also known as anaerobic or acidic or low pH or low voltage!

Viruses cannot duplicate themselves, unless the voltage inside the cell is low. If they cannot duplicate themselves, they die off.

Drs. Jerry Tennant and Chase Faldmo, from the Tennant Institute in Colleyville Texas share their theories on energy medicine, using PHYSICS to heal the body naturally. Call the Tennant Institute (972-580-1156) to schedule an appointment and determine how your total body voltage may be affecting your health. Dr. Tennant is the author of the "Healing is Voltage" book series, national speaker and award winning physician.

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